County Lifting branded machinery

High Pressure Delivery


To deliver a 7t water pressurisation plant to a remote water storage site, offload and position onto pipe work connections within the concrete foundation.


The lifting points of the load were positioned on the base of the unit to which a GRP was mounted. The access route into site was via a very tight gateway perpendicular to the road and along a narrow concrete site roadway. The site did not allow for multiple vehicles to gain access to either the site or the working area. To allow the safe offloading and positioning of the load whilst utilising equipment with a small footprint to operate within a confined working area. Soft ground to both sides and end of the concrete roadway along with surrounding obstacles and trees increased the difficulty of the lift due to the confined working area. Exact positioning of the load was critical due to the various pipe work connections to the underside of the load.


To collect the load using one of our rear steering 68t/m lorry loader vehicles under “contract lift“ conditions from the customer on the morning of the install. A lightweight modular spreader beam was used to span the width of the load to prevent damage to the GRP. To deliver the load to site using a banksman who would assist to navigate the tight access restrictions. To position the vehicle within the working area making use of the variable rigging parameters of the crane and offload the plant on to the constructed base ensuring that the pipe connections could be made.

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