County Lifting branded machinery

New Line Install


To lift cassette type machinery above the machine pits on to guide rails whilst operating inside the building to allow the assembly of the production line.


All equipment used was positioned close to the machinery pit and between the buildings supporting steelwork whilst ensuring that no contact can be made with the surrounding obstacles. The low headroom working environment was considered for all lifts when slinging and lifting any load in to position. There were underground services which were covered up with steel plating or walkway for pedestrians which were to be avoided from driving over or rigging equipment on top of.


Liebherr LTC 45t city class crane was chosen with its compact nature and all wheel steering modes were engaged. The crane was able to navigate its way through the building to the working area between the structural steel supports. The city crane has a removable front section that reduces the overall length of the vehicle but it can also reduces but it can also lower its overall height down to 3.1m. The chosen crane utilised its area limitation software which once set prevented the crane from slewing in to the surrounding obstacles. Another reason for choosing the Liebherr LTC was for its unique ability to operate the booms tele function whilst lifting a live load. The tele function enables the radius of the load to be increased to place a live load in to its desired location.

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