County Lifting branded machinery
County Lifting branded machinery
County Lifting branded machinery

Lorry Loader & Abnormal Haulage

County Lifting provides a variety of dedicated Haulage Services to ensure that we can meet your exact requirements. Our vehicle and trailer combinations can be combined to offer a cost effective solution to any collection or delivery. Our range of crane vehicles enables the operator to unload and position their own loads which reduces the need for any additional plant or equipment.

Our bespoke fleet of vehicles have been built with years of experience of lifting and moving of a variety of loads from Trains, Planes and Automobiles, Silos, and Construction Plant to OEM Manufacturing Equipment and Complete Production Lines.

For heavy or abnormal haulage applications our articulated crane and trailer combinations maximise efficiency with the ability to extend our trailers to accept heavy and over sized loads whilst maintaining the ability to unload. Our planning team work alongside the Highways Agency and associated authorities to create all necessary permits and abnormal load notifications internally, this allows full control over every movement.

Our fleet consist of:

  • Rigid Heavy Crane Vehicles
  • Rigid Heavy Crane + Drawbar Vehicles
  • STGO Artic Heavy Crane
  • STGO Artic & Trailer Combinations

County lifting service a variety of industries providing heavy duty cranes with remote control functionality for the ease of placing delicate loads accurately and safely within all site conditions. Safety is paramount when working with live loads and so our vehicles are fitted with stability monitoring systems so that variable outrigger settings can be used when required. The vehicles are also subject to annual inspection and testing as per LOLER and B.S. 7121.

Consistent with our entire fleet of plant and equipment our lorry loader vehicles are maintained to the highest standards by the UK main agent. Our newer vehicles enable the crane to be monitored remotely so that service levels can be recorded. Should you require haulage under RHA or CMR terms and conditions or a fully insured package the transport team at County Lifting is able to tailor a solution to your exacting requirements, and rest assured it does not end there, while your load is on our vehicle we can fully track the vehicle throughout its journey giving you vital feed back as to security and load position.

Clients that require the movement of hazardous loads can rely on us to provide licensed operators and equipment suitable to move loads under ADR conditions. Our certified DGSA (Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor) is available to review such load and advise our drivers who are trained to move both packages and tanks within the ADR regulations.

We are always on the lookout for a new challenge as our trained and certified ALLMI and CPCS Operators and Appointed Persons enjoy their abilities being put to the test. So if you have a load that you are looking to move please contact us to arrange a quotation. 

STGO CAT 2 - Heavy Haulage

The availability of STGO CAT 2 vehicles and low loader trailers along with the ability to route abnormal loads throughout the Highways Agency Network enable County Lifting to offer a fully managed movement service. A fully managed machinery relocation service could facilitate the unloading and final placement of a load within a clients manufacturing facility.

ADR Load Transport

Our Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor is able to offer advise on the transprotation of any ADR categorised load with the provision of a UN number.

GPS Tracked Vehicles

Our GPS tracked vehicles are constantly monitored and offer full traceability of vehicle movements whilst your valuable cargo is in our posession.

Did you know?

Various Vehicle Builds Available - With a variety of vehicle combinations and types we can offer a solution to suit your load. 

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